Square Boys is a 5.1 surround sound, lungs-blasting-with-brass-tronic-wind-power experience. Brace yourselves for the terrifyingly giant boss-like bass drum barging forward unapologetically through crowds, while the monstrous Seuss-ian sousaphone and devilish semi-automatic snare follow alongside causing equal mayhem. Pay attention, because interspersed among them is the triple headed horned beast, blasting trumpet, trombone, and sax in all directions, so close to the senses that you could reach out and touch the sound waves. While the instruments surround you with psychedelic luminescent melodies and rumbling, trance-inducing rhythms, the other-worldly synthesizer rains a pixelated comet storm of mushroom-trip-inspired flora, channeling an atmosphere rich with extra-terrestrial wildlife. Put on your space suits, tighten your seatbelts, and prepare to be transported into live, groovy, 8-bit mayhem that spans from retro glory to new AAA bashers. This squad is at peak life force when they hit play. Ride at your own risk.